White People at a Poetry Reading


This poem is too spicy. Do you have anything in blank verse? Preferably about being happy?


if they want to, that’s great, but i think it’s obnoxious as FUCK to give a white allies march at this time. like, somebody DIED and you wanna insert yourself in such an invasive way that clearly says “WHAT ABOUT ME??? I SUPPORT!!! DEDICATE SOMETHING TO ME BECAUSE I’M HERE AND I DON’T REALLY NEED TO BE, BUT OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART, I AM, SO WORSHIP ME FOR BEING A GOOD WHITE PERSON!”


alwayz worth rememberin: whether u like dudes or not, dudes can be nice, but u absolutely dont need one, i love not relying on any man.  i wake up, make my own shit, clean my carpet, build my drum rack.  never in my life have i needed a man, and nor do you.  your alone?  you have womankind.  mad love 


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